Go Good Protien Shaker

The Go Good shaker is the most lightweight, convenient sized stainless shaker you will find. Following you to the office, the gym, your everyday movements, for energy on the go!

Go Good's range of shakers make light work of mixing and carrying protein powder. The high-quality 304 food-grade stainless steel used to manufacture the shaker is naturally safe and uncoated.

It’s extremely resistant to corrosion and 100% BPA-free which allows your shaker to contain any kind of beverage. Being double walled it will keep liquid hot or cold for upto 12 hours. Featuring a wide mouth on the top and measuring scale for accurate filling and easy cleaning. Unlike plastic, stainless does not absorb odor and develop a typical ‘shaker smell’ after repetitive use. NOTE: We recommend to handwash shaker as the heat of some dishwashers has been known to tarnish the outer paint finish.

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