Who Runs The World?

13 03 2021

Exercise, sport, and running are for fun! For happiness! For clear thinking! Because physical activity should be something integral to our being alive. And it is the essential part that really concerns us here, not the bit about how many millimetres it might shave off your thighs, how many % of body fat you might drop. We want to share with women that the truly wonderful thing about sport is that there is no single acceptable body type; we would like to encourage more women to be active on the trails as currently, the average percentage for female participants is 20-25% in trail running races in Hong Kong. We would love to see that number grow!

The race is ideal for introducing a friend that is new to trail running to the racing atmosphere, or for competitive runners to enjoy a stress-free event.

Event Course

The course starts in Mui Wo & follows beautiful South Lantau trails over hills and valleys, finishing at a picturesque Pui O beach.

9km category offers a great sample of what South Lantau trails have to offer.

18km category adds an extra bit of challenge and excitement with more trails & multiple stream crossings.

Event Schedule

Who Runs The World? will start at 8AM on 13th March 2021.

The cut-off time for both 9km & 18km categories will be 6 hours (2PM).