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Salomon Agile 12 Backpack SS2017

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Light weight, stretch-fit 12L pack for trail running, moves with your body and snugly carries essentials for medium to long trail runs, mountain bike adventures, or highly active sports



The Salomon Agile 12 set hydration pack moves with your body while snugly carrying your gear, whether you’re running, mountain biking or enjoying a quick hike.

Light weight, stretch-fit 12L pack for trail running, moves with your body and snugly carries essentials for medium to long trail runs, mountain bike adventures, or highly active sports

  • Lite Shoulder Straps – Top priority in trail running: speed, agility and lightness, that’s the new Lite shoulder straps. This light construction with the right fabrics in the right place is designed to increase ventilation and reduce friction on shoulders or around the neck.
  • Harness Construction – It’s the perfect solution to wrap the body and dispatch the load for more comfort and a perfect stability.
  • Custom System – Reinvent your bag for every trail run. Connect the accessories to your bag with the Custom’ System.
  • Zipped pocket attaches easily to the waist belt -Front pocket slides easily onto the waist belt and connects buckles to the straps hidden in the shoulders – Extra gear pocket and Flask holder insert easily onto shoulder straps or waist belt.
  • 4D Pole Holder – Instinctive, quick and easy access to your poles while running. Can be used also to fix your helmet.
  • Engineered to be very easy to use in 4 steps: 1- take the top strap out and put the top pole in. 2- rotate the pole your back. 3- place the bottom pole in the bottom strap. 4- adjust the top strap to lock the pole.
  • Motion Belt – Fit and motion Designed with a elastic part, this belt provides the best fit in motion and enable a large breath.
  • Bite Valve With On/Off System – The most intuitive leakproof valve to hydrate easily. Soft mouth contact.
  • Plug-n-Play System – Easy to disconnect the tube from the bladder event when full.
  • Soft 1.5l bladder – PVC, Phthalate, Bisphenol-A Free – Designed by Hydrapak – FDA approved polyurethane.
  • Easy Access Bottle Lateral Storage – Use the two wide lateral storage for your bottles. Easy to put in and out.
  • 4D Reservoir Compartment – Designed to make access to the reservoir quicker and easier even when the backpack is full. No more need to take everything off to put your reservoir in. The reservoir slides inside taking its volume on the external side, then without pression on the internal volume of your backpack.
  • Twin Link – Light and easy custom adjustment system eliminates pressure points on the sternum area and increases breathing comfort.
  • Compression Front Lifter – Enginereed to compress the content of your backpack to get more stability, it is adjustable even on the run.
  • Airvent AGILITY – The best backpanel construction to provide agility in running, focusing on key needs for stability, lightness and comfort.

Engineered with a constant search for lightness and fit, a combination of different components:

  •  A light soft board that adapts to your back and provides a perfect fit.
  • Minimalist EVA pads located in the most sensitive areas to provide comfort and protection. Perforation will increase ventilation and breathability. -Highly wicking materials to evacuate sweat.
  • Ventilation chanel to cool your back.
  • Multiple Zip Pockets – Keep your valuables safe with chest secure zip pockets.
  • Reflective Element – For keeping you safe in low light conditions.
  • Whistle – Easy to use even still attached to the bag not to lose it.


Weight 500 g
Dimensions 44 x 22 x 12 cm





Agile 12 Backpack


Black, Red, Spectrum Blue, Cosmic Purple, Granny Green, Teal Blue


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