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Julbo Sunglasses

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A leader in high-end performance sunglasses, Julbo offers high-quality sunglasses for sports, as well as top-of-the-line eyewear for athletes

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Whether pounding the pavement or the trail, runners demand a lot from their sunglasses.

Sure, sunglasses need to deflect the sun’s harmful rays, but they also need to handle glare and changing weather conditions. Julbo’s sunglasses are renowned for their lens quality. Lenses such as the Zebra® make the transition quickly between sun and shade so you don’t have to break your stride. Special lens treatments minimize the impact of sweat, humidity and water.

When you are running, the last thing you want is eye wear that jiggles about; Julbo’s running sunglasses optimize the fit and function of your eye wear. Models such as Trail have a shock-absorbent insert that will remain in position on the nose and elastomer shock absorbers at the sides.

Why athletes recommend these Julbo sunglasses for running:

  • The Zebra® photochromic lens darkens or lightens depending on the light’s intensity
  • Anti-fog coatings make sunglasses resist fogging during a workout
  • Several sunglasses offer an optional optical clip, enabling prescription lens wearers to take full advantage of the Julbo’s lens technology
  • Julbo’s panoramic lenses offer an extra-wide field of view
  • Julbo’s sunglasses for running combine low weight with strength—the Trail weighs in at an impressive 1 ounce

Julbo Dust

Dust is designed for mountain biking and outdoor racing enthusiasts. No adjustment necessary with an instant snug fit! Perfect and imperceptible hold on the face with Grip Nose and Grip Tech temples. The slim and flexible frame can be slipped comfortably under a hat or helmet. The wide field of vision is combined with excellent venting thanks to the technical size of the suspended lenses.

Dust is sold with a multipurpose Spectron 3 lens, except the Blue/Green Dust, which is sold with a Zebra Lens.

Julbo Trail

For avid trail runners.

The first Julbo sunglass designed solely for trail running. The Trail is incredibly lightweight with flexible frames, a wrap design for optimal hold, wide vision spectrum, and soft, ventilated Zebra lenses.

All Trail Sunglasses come with Zebra Light Lenses.

This photochromic and anti-fog lens, developed for the Speed range adapts to light levels at any time of day – even night time.
Weight 200 g





Dust, Trail


Black, White / Fuschia, Matt Orange / Blue


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