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AMO Sunglasses

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AMO sunglasses are lightweight, strong, high performance sports sunglasses for triathletes, ultra-runners and cyclists



AMO Sunglasses are a Hong Kong brand designed by Tim Hallworth, a local triathlete and trail runner. Sunglasses designed by an athlete for athletes.

We carry AMO because we believe the value for your money is far better than any other brand available on the market.  We are a fan of the quality of the sunglasses and the variety of quality lenses to choose from.

Interchangeable lenses, adjustable nose piece, adjustable arms(on some models), – you don’t get that with other brands for similar prices.




The TRANSFORMER series provides flexibility, strength and lightweight features to create the ultimate sunglasses for multi-sports athletes. Wearers can change the temple arms as well as the lenses for a totally new look for biking or running and to match different kits.

Available in Ironcatcher (black with yellow) and Prowler (white with blue).

Prowler in stock:

a. extra temple arms white/blue, PC Clear Lens, NXT Medium Dark Lens, PC Mirror Finish Medium Dark Lens  + Bullet Case

b. extra temple arms white/blue, PC Clear Lens, PC Blue Revo Lens, NXT Photochromic Polarized Dark Lens  +  Bullet Case

Ironcatcher in stock:

a. extra temple arms yellow/black, PC Yellow Lens, PC Black Red Revo Lens, NXT Photochromic Low Light Lens + Bullet Case

b. extra temple arm yellow/black, PC Yellow Lens, Photochromic Green Blue Revo Lens + Bullet Case



The TYPHOON series are thin-armed ultra-lightweight sports sunglasses for marathon/road runners, trail/ultra-runners, triathletes and cyclists. Incredibly comfortable and lightweight, you will hardly know you are wearing them. TYPHOONS come with outstanding lenses and lens options and in three colour models: Cirrus (yellow), Gale (pink), Nimbus (white).

Gale in stock:

PC Clear Lens, PC Mirror Finish Medium Dark Lens + Sport Case

Nimbus in stock:

a. PC Clear Lens, PC Mirror Finish Medium Dark Lens + Sport Case

b. PC Clear Lens, PC Revo Blue Lens + Sport Case

Cirrus in stock:

PC Clear Lens, NXT Photochromic Clear Lens + Sport Case

Weight 300 g





Thunderstorm, Typhoon, Transformer, Mask


Firestorm Red, Twister Green, Snowstorm White, Ironcatcher Black/Yellow, Prowler White/Blue, Nimbus White, Cirrus Yellow, Gale Pink, Ironcatcher Black/Green, Blade, Shield

1 review for AMO Sunglasses

  1. Lantau Base Camp

    We believe in AMO Sunglasses and use AMO sunglasses so we became a distributor. You can come to LBC try on models, browse the AMO website, we can show you all the unique features, you receive a discount code from us when you order a pair.

    I log a lot of miles every year on the trails and roads while running and hiking. Summertime I need a quality pair of sunglasses that fit, do what they say they will, are durable and true value for the money I spend. When Tim introduced AMO sunglasses I checked them out and have been happy ever since I bought my first pair.

    1. Unlike other name brands AMO actually have quality lenses. AMO are willing to show you the science behind them.
    2. Tim, as a triathlete, was frustrated with other brands. He set out to make a quality product he would use himself. How many big name brands started like that? That is the kind of business and brand I want to support – people who want to do things right and not deceive customers.
    3. AMO is a local brand and I love supporting small local businesses that make quality products I can believe in.
    4. With AMO I was able to choose the lenses I wanted. No other brand allows that for the same price.
    5. Adjustable arms and nose piece! Those are features I needed and found with AMO. I can wear sunglasses comfortably now while running.
    6. Two summers using AMO sunglasses I have no problems with them.
    7. I had a Oakleys before but never again for trail running and hiking. Cannot compete with AMO quality.
    8. AMO stands behind their products – if you have a problem they will fix it. Only small businesses can provide that kind of service.

    Cant argue with that

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