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BIX Recovery

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Post Exercise Recovery Supplement

Each tablet contains:

Vitamin C (200mg) strengthens the immune system by supporting white blood cell function.

Zinc (10mg) regulates immune function and aids with recovery.

Vitamin E (50mg) prevents exercise-included oxidative damage and helps in gaining full health benefits of exercise.

Q10(10mg) promotes heart health and blood flow for faster recovery.

Bromelain (100mg) is a natural anti-inflammatory extracted from pineapple.

Calsium (50mg) supports strong and healthy bones.

Magnesium (150mg) supports muscle relaxation and enhances muscle recovery.

BCAA´s (100mg) are essential in muscle repair and decreasing muscle soreness after exercise.

Potassium (50mg) helps maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance.

Iron (2.5mg) delivers oxygen throughout the body and boosts energy metabolism.

Sodium (150mg) assists the hydration process by increasing the rate of fluid absorption.



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