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Squeezy Energy Gel

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Squeezy is the world´s first energy gel and the optimal choice for all athletes seeking peak performance. The Squeezy Energy Super Gel is a specially designed carbohydrate gel for athletes. It is based on maltodextrin and contains caffeine and glucose instead of fructose and therefore also suitable for fructose-intolerant people.

One sachet contains 33 g of gel. Easy to open due the perforated head of the gel sachet.
Available flavors: cola+caffeine, lemon+caffeine.


  • Low concentration of loosened particles (low osmolality).
  • Contains only those ingredients which are needed for the phase of exposure.
  • Contains maltodextrin and glucose.
  • Contains caffeine.
  • Free of gluten, lactose and artificial sugar.

Lemon(Caffeinated), Cola(Caffeinated), Tomato, Banana, Rasberry, Orange/Peach, Lemon, Salty Caramel


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