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T8 Fitness Foam Rollers


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T8 Fitness Hollow Foam Roller is made of hard plastic with a soft coating, meaning it can be used for the deepest massage. A great size to take with you while you travel!

Size: 12” x 5” (30cm x 13cm)
Material: Plastic and Foam
Colour: Varies
Includes T8 Fitness Foam Roller User Guide

Our Typhoon 3 Foam Roller is our best yet! Made of premium closed cell EVA foam, the material has fantastic elastic properties that means it maintains its shape far longer than your average foam roller! Sold yet?

You can rely on this roller for all your therapeutic exercise, physical therapy, training and conditioning, core training, stretching, myofascial release, self massage, postural alignment, balance exercises…….got a bit carried away there, but the foam roller is nothing if not versatile!

Foam Rollers

Hallow, Regular


4X18, 6X18