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The better the head position the better the feel of the run. Head and neck in running have an impact on exertion and gait and can make all the different to how you feel before, during and after training and competing. Gravity creates a joined up approach between the head and the rest of the body, gradually drawing you in to better posture both during sessions and in rest periods. Recovery is speeded up and performance and endurance are naturally enhanced.


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Gravity™ is a Multipurpose Natural device, designed to maintain and improve freedom of movement, whether you’re in training, recovering from an injury or simply want to Improve your general wellbeing. Professionals and Amateur Sportsmen and Sports Women are benefiting from Gravity™ in so many ways.

Gravity™ aims to connect up the upper and lower stress loading areas of the body and create a gentle, nurturing tension and communication between the two. Remember as kids when you connected up two yoghurt pots with a piece of string to make a walkie-talkie? It’s a similar idea.

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