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VALENTINES DAY RUN - Now organised by The Trail Hub




Lantau Base Camp aims to organise accessible, challenging and fun trail events for everyone. We hope to develop trail running in Hong Kong by showcasing the beautiful landscapes of Lantau Island and to introduce trails to challenge you and your friends to give it your best.

We used to have three main events throughout the year, but we’ve handed the organisation back to the original founders of LBC and these races, Valerie and Jeremy, with their company The Trail Hub. For information about the Valentines Race, the Stairmaster Series and LT70, please head over to https://www.thetrailhub.com/.

We still organise the Ladies Race in January, and some fun summer races. Stay tuned and check out our website http://events.lantaubasecamp.com for more information.

We organize a few weekly runs to get people out on the trails. We often have customers tell us they want to run but don’t want to go out alone or would feel better running at night with other people.

We started these in June 2014 and have made some great friends, seen amazing views and wildlife, as well as get a good workout at the same time.

Due to our store opening hours, most of our runs are organized at night. There are quite a few local runners who join us when they can which just makes for more enjoyable runs.

We enjoy running with people, being out at night on the trails in the mountains and showing off Lantau. Being with runners, talking about running makes for a good run and an enjoyable time out.

We post all our runs on meetup.com via the Hong Kong Trail Runners. So sign in and get outdoors. Join our weekly runs and meet fun and like minded people.

Find out more on www.meetup.com Hong Kong Trail Runners view here

Wednesday Night Sunset Peak Run is a weekly run starting at 8pm where we run Stage 1 & 2 of the Lantau Trail up and over Sunset Peak down to Pak Kung Au.

This run has a 770m climb the first 7k then downhill to Pak Kung Au. This is about a 9k run. Typically we run up to Nam Shan on the road then once we start the steps up Sunset we fast hike to get a good workout. This is not a beginner’s run! Average arrival time at Pak Kung Au is 9:30-9:45pm.

People can catch a bus there or run down the road and into Pui O(13k) or Mui Wo(17.5k).

Thursday Night Tiger’s Head Run is a 14k run with an average of 550m elevation gain. We run through Wang Tong village, up the cemetery steps, connect to a trail which connects to the Olympic Trail. Then up to where we turn right onto the Lo Fu Tau Trail. We run the flats and fast hike the steps. The return to Mui Wo is mostly downhill. On the return we stay on the Olympic Trail past the Cave and waterfall and into Pak Ngan Heung. Then follow into Mui Wo to LBC.

Weekends we try to hold a fun run of around 12-13k at least twice a month on Sundays. Typically we head over to Shap Long,, do a short Chi Ma Wan loop with a few hills then climb Nam Shan and follow the Lantau Trail back into Mui Wo. We run the flats and hike the hills. This run is more casual but not a hike. Suitable for advanced beginners due to the rolling hills.

Race Recce’s are something we do throughout the year. MoonTrekker, TransLantau, Salomon Lantau Trail 70, King Of The Hills Lantau, MSIG50. We run trail races so if you want to learn a route come join us and ask a lot of questions!