Shane Early, Director

Shane has lived in Mui Wo for three years and in Hong Kong since 2003. Before working at Lantau Base Camp he taught Business and English at St. Margaret’s Girls’ College, Hong Kong. Shane is very enthusiastic about trail running, ultra running and Lantau Island. He is an organizer with Hong Kong Hiking Meetup, Hong Kong Trail Runners and HiKe HK on

Being the resident race director for Lantau Base Camp (LBC) races, he is well adversed to answer any questions you have on race events in Hong Kong. He conducts regular training runs in Lantau and would love to see you on the trails with him.

Shane has over 30 years running experience and has extensive knowledge on training and nutrition, and enjoys discussing running topics in general. Shane is often asked to trial new products and is well equipped to give you unbiased expert advice on shoes and running gear to fit your needs. When not in the store, you will find Shane hitting the trails. His favorite mountain to climb is Lin Fa Shan and favorite training ground is South Lantau Country Park.

Martijn Doekes, Director

Martijn was first introduced to hiking four years ago when he moved back to Hong Kong. He had always been eager to do sports but he never found the passion to really go for something for real. He did a few runs back in The Netherlands but moving to Asia he could not get accustomed to the heat and soon became lazy, gained weight and became really unfit. He hit 90 kg and realised there was an urgent need to do something about it.

Martijn explains that at first he did a few kms of running on Bowen road, struggling in the heat, trying to keep his heart rate down. Soon however he found out about hiking and was hooked. Once he became more fit through the hiking, he went back to running and realised he enjoyed trail running much more. Through trail running he had met nice friends with the same desire. Before he knew it he was on a Oxfam Trail Walker (OTW) team, training regularly throughout the summer every weekend mainly on the Maclehose trail.

He recalls he started OTW ambitious, although he had trained really hard and made a lot of progress during the summer, he was overcome by the heat and crashed out of his first trail race ever. However It did not deter him to get hooked on trail running and races, and as a result entered many races to follow with variant success. Martijn considers his best race the HK100 in 2012 where he finished with a time of 14:45.

Martijn says that his passion for all things trail running means he reads extensively and he tends to comment frequently to Facebook questions posted from others.

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