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  • 1000 Mile Ultimate Tactel Liner Socks



    Top venting for superior breathability
    Arch braced for extra support
    Available in men's and ladies fit
    Heel Power technology – keeps the sock firmly in place!
    Sizing by UK shoe size

    Outer layer: 54% Cotton, 44% Nylon & 2% Lycra.

    Inner Layer: 100% Tactel®


    Wash before wearing. Machine wash 30 degree. No Bleach. No tumble dry.


    Choose the same size of sock as your foot. If you have narrow feet (D or less) or are on the border between sizes you should go down a size
    Cut barb with scissors to avoid damage to fabric.
    Pull on sock carefully to ensure the fitted heel and toe box sit on the foot correctly.
    Smooth out any wrinkles between the layers to ensure a snug, smooth fit.
    Money back or replacement if, within one year from date of purchase, either you experience blisters or the socks wear out within 1000 miles, provided care instructions have been followed correctly and socks are returned to us with the original receipt. (Limited to one pair per purchase.)


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  • Altra Lonepeak 3.0


    Weight: 10.4 oz (size 9)

    Stack Height: 20mm (Heel), 20mm (Forefoot)

    Available Widths: D=Medium

    How It Fits (based on width D)

    Sizing: Standard running shoe length
    Heel: Medium
    Midfoot: Medium volume
    Forefoot: Medium to wide
    Toe-Box Height: Medium to low
    Arch Structure: Medium
    Shoe Shape: Semi-Straight


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  • Altra Olympus 2.0

    Weight: 12.1 oz (size 9)

    Stack Height: Heel (32mm), Forefoot (32mm)

    Available Widths: D=Medium

    How It Fits (based on width D)

    Sizing: Fits small; purchase 1/2 size larger than standard running shoe length
    Heel: Wide
    Midfoot: Medium to high volume
    Forefoot: Wide
    Toe-Box Height: Medium
    Arch Structure: Medium
    Shoe Shape: Semi-Straight


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  • Altra Superior 3.0

    , , ,

    Weight: 9.3 oz (size 9)

    Stack Height: Heel (20mm), Forefoot (20mm)

    Available Widths: D=Medium

    How It Fits (based on width D)

    Sizing: Standard running shoe length
    Heel: Medium to wide
    Mid-foot: Medium
    Forefoot: Medium to wide
    Toe-Box height: Medium to low
    Arch Structure: Low
    Shoe Shape: Semi-Straight


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  • Bottle Bright 12 Tablets Pouch

    , ,


    No scrubbing required – perfect for cleaning stainless steel bottles and mugs, hydration reservoirs, coolers, dishes at camp, hard to clean plastic containers and bottles
    Removes stubborn stains and odors giving your water bottle a new and fresh look
    Biodegradable, chlorine free, all natural and environmentally safe (no contest against other bleach based cleaners)
    Certified by The Natural Products Association
    Made in the USA
    Pack of 12 effervescent tablets


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  • Energy Fruit Gum

    , ,


    Why Energy Fruit Gum?

    perfect alternative to energy gels due to the easy handling and comfortable usage
    single fruit gums can be consumed constantly one after another, which leads to a continuous energy support during sports
    carbohydrates were already absorbed when chewing the fruit gums
    less sweet fruit flavour
    What does the Energy Fruit Gum contain?

    high value carbohydrates, primarily maltodextrin
    minerals as sodium and potassium
    What does the Energy Fruit Gum not contain? (advices for vegans and athletes with food intolerances)

    free of lactose
    free of gluten
    free of artificial sweeteners and colourings


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  • Energy Gel in Bottle

    , , , ,

    Why energy gels in bottles?

    one bottle contains 125 ml of energy gel – this is comparable to 4 SQUEEZY GEL in sachets
    low concentration of loosened particles (low osmolality)
    reclosable bottle, no sticky fingers
    simple portioning thanks to the drinking bottle cap
    easier to transport than energy gel in sachets
    adequate amount of carbohydrates which lasts for up to 2 hours (depending on individual need)
    environmentally friendly and cheap due to the 500-ml-Refiller
    What does the energy gel contain?

    high value mix of carbohydrates
    ENERGY GEL: maltodextrin & fructose
    SUPER GEL: maltodextrin & glucose
    sodium and potassium
    ENERGY SUPER GEL contains additionally caffeine (120 mg/ 100 ml of gel)
    What does the energy gel not contain? (advices for vegan and athletes with food intolerances)

    free of lactose
    free of gluten
    free of fructose (ENERGY SUPER GEL)
    free of ingredients of animal origin (suitable for vegans and vegetarians)
    free of artificial sweeteners and colourings


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  • Hammer Food Bar

    , , ,

    What makes Hammer Bars unique: Why should you be eating them?
    Alkalizing Protein – From whole food sources, alkalizing protein is crucial for reducing the acidity in the body that occurs from sustained energy output. This translates into potentially greater endurance, reduced joint and muscle soreness, and faster recovery.

    Healthy Carbohydrates – A look at the list of ingredients shows only healthy carbohydrate sources . . . NO REFINED SUGAR! Hammer Bars provide your body with the highest quality carbohydrates for consistent, reliable, long-lasting energy.

    Healthy Fats – Also called Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), these are important for enhanced endurance, cardiovascular health, immunity, mental clarity, and hormone balance. Rich in ultra-healthy EFAs, phytosterols, and sterolins, Hammer Bar is a deliciously easy way to supply your body with these all-important nutrients.

    Phytonutrients – For supporting overall health, immunity, and resistance to disease, there's probably nothing better than nature's superfoods. Hammer Bars are packed with a variety of phytonutrients, including sprouted flax and quinoa, Hawaiian spirulina, and wheat and barley grass juice—all organic, of course.

    Enzymes – Hammer Bars are cold processed/produced, which preserves naturally occurring enzymes, vital for aiding in the digestion and utilization of the nutrients at a cellular level.

    Taste – Whoever said that healthy food doesn't taste great never tried a Hammer Bar! The taste and texture will pleasantly surprise you. Available in five flavors, they are delicious!

    Price – Even with ALL of the healthy ingredients that make up the Hammer Bar, it's still very reasonably priced. You won't find a higher quality energy/food bar at any price.

    The Hammer Bar is so much more than a mere energy bar! Eating a Hammer Bar for breakfast, lunch, or dinner provides your body with some of the highest quality food you can consume, supplying complex carbohydrates, high-quality vegetable protein, healthy fats (no trans fatty acids!), nature's own phytonutrients, and enzymes. Whether using the Hammer Bar to help fuel your long distance workouts and races or as a meal replacement, you can be assured that you're giving your body the very best nutrition possible.
    Hammer Bars come in the following delicious flavors:
    Coconut Chocolate Chip, Almond Raisin, Chocolate Chip, Cranberry, and Oatmeal Apple.

    If you want a truly healthy energy bar that tastes great, is easy to digest, and is made from wholesome ingredients, then Hammer Bars are just what you've been looking for. Hammer Bars are loaded with healthy, non-GMO, energy-producing organic ingredients. It's a convenient, highly nutritious meal replacement or snack, with no preservatives, trans fats, additives, soy, peanuts, refined sugars, or dairy. Plus, it carries USDA organic, non-dairy kosher, and vegan certifications (Almond Raisin, Oatmeal Apple, Cranberry).

    Tasty Hammer Bars are perfect as a pre-race meal, post-workout recovery food bar, or healthy snack anytime. They can also be used to complement your liquid fueling regimen for extended exercise periods. Try a sample of each flavor; we guarantee Hammer Bars will be your new favorite.

    Key Features:
    70%-100% raw, non-GMO, 100% vegetarian, gluten-free, non-dairy organic Dark Chocolate (Chocolate Chip and Coconut Chocolate Chip flavors), rich in phytonutrients and enzymes, alkalizing proteins, healthy complex carbs, high in essential fatty acids, cold processed, and an excellent source of fiber.

    Extra Benefits:
    Hammer Bars contain only healthy fats (no trans fatty acids) and are an excellent source of phytosterols and sterolins, both of which have multiple health benefits.
    *Please click on the following link for additional vegan details.


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  • Hoka Challenger All Terrain Running 3 ( Mens Size )

    , , , , , , , , ,


    9.5 oz
    Weight is based on size US 9 and may vary depending on size
    7.9 oz
    Weight is based on size US 7 and may vary depending on size


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  • Hoka Challenger All Terrain Running 3 ( Womens Size )

    , , , , , , , , ,


    9.5 oz
    Weight is based on size US 9 and may vary depending on size
    7.9 oz
    Weight is based on size US 7 and may vary depending on size


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  • Hoka Speedgoat 2 ( Men’s Size )

    , , ,

    Inspired by Karl Meltzer, who holds the record for most 100-mile trail race wins, the fastest completion of the (2,190 mile) Appalachian Trail, and epitomizes the “go everywhere, run everything” attitude, this shoe is designed to attack all breeds of technical trail. And with this bold, fully redesigned iteration, we've improved fit, stability, and durability. Built on a new last, the wider midsole creates a more stable platform for the foot and offers a wider toe box with reinforced areas where your feet need them. The outsole features deeper, more aggressive Vibram lugs which hold up to all kinds of rugged terrain, while the more forgiving upper offers improved comfort up top. The SPEEDGOAT 2 means business. This is one fast, tough trail running shoe.


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  • Instinct Evolution 7L Trail Vest



    Mesh base structure.
    – High sitting anatomical vest; fits as one with athlete.
    – Extra-large, ventilated mesh base layer with anti-abrasive liner.

    Side cross lacing & adjustability.
    One of a kind fitting system using a “double S” elastic with auto lock
    – Absolutely unconstrained breathing without compromising vest stability.
    – Perfectly adapts to different body types.
    – Fast, easy and precise fitting.

    Stretch Mesh Pockets.
    – Lightweight and breathable. Dynamic reflex for a perfect hold.

    Pockets & Accessories

    2 hydration pockets, +650ml soft flask and bottle compatible (we recommend Hydrapak). Sits high for immediate and effortless access.
    2 feed storage pockets +600ml + 1 hidden pocket
    1 shoulder pocket +100ml
    4 elastic loops + 2 shoulders liners (bladder tube guides).
    2 multi-purpose attachment loops.

    1 top horizontal pocket +750ml. Accessible without removing pack
    1 bottom horizontal pocket +1.250l. Accessible without removing pack
    2 overlaying vertical pockets +1.5l. One is water bladder compatible 1.5l.
    3 double looped elastics with auto lock for poles (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), clothing items…
    Various reflective details.

    Adjustments & Fitting
    2 elastic compression cords with auto lock for top and bottom back pockets
    2 “double S” elastic cross lacing with auto lock: side adjustment “on the fly”
    2 adjustable chest straps: custom fit vertically and horizontally

    – Side cross lacing & adjustability.
    – 100% of all adjustments at the front!
    – 85% of pockets accessible without removing pack (7/9).
    – Front hydration pockets: sit high for immediate and effortless access.
    – Top & bottom horizontal back pockets accessible without removing pack.
    – Fit & stability.


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  • Instinct Hydra Cell-Soft Flask by Hyrdapak 600ML



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  • Nectar Hydro Tablets

    , , , , , ,

    NECTAR Hydro (20x Tablets)
    NECTAR Hydro is the first great tasting sports hydration tablet delivering 5-ion electrolytes (calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium and sodium). Hydro creates a hypotonic solution to help maintain optimum hydration levels. It’s also virtually calorie free, with just 1.3-2kcal per 100ml, and has a light and refreshing taste, ideal for consumption before, during and after sport or exercise. Hydro contains no artificial colours and is flavoured naturally.

    Simply add a Hydro tab to 500-750ml water in your sports bottle, and wait for it to quickly dissolve. Each 20 tab tube makes up to 15 litres of drink.


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  • Newline – Iconic Vent Strech Tee Womens

    , , , ,


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