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  • Squeezy Energy Gel

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    Why Energy Gels in sachets?

    low concentration of loosened particles (low osmolality)
    reliable supply of energy through carbohydrates
    flexible and easy to handle by the use of single sachets
    large selection of different tastes (beer, tomato, lemon, cola/caffeine etc.)
    What does the energy gel contain?

    high value mix of carbohydrates
    ENERGY GEL: maltodextrin & fructose
    TOMATO GEL: maltodextrin & isomaltulose
    ENERGY SUPER GEL: maltodextrin & glucose
    sodium and potassium
    caffeine: 100 mg/ 100 g of gel (ENERGY SUPER GEL)
    What does the energy gel not contain? (advices for vegans and athletes with food intolerances )

    free of lactose
    free of gluten
    free of fructose (ENERGY SUPER GEL)
    free of ingredients of animal origin (suitable for vegetarians and vegans)
    free of artificial colourings and sweeteners


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  • ProBar Bolt Organic Energy Chews



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