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Joseph Gray Interview (photo credit: Tim Bergsten)

Runner Interviews

October 2014 a guy walked into Lantau Base Camp with a huge travel bag looking like a fit runner and obviously new to Lantau Island. Come to find out it was Joseph Gray from the US, an elite…

Charlie Engle Interview

Runner Interviews

Charlie Engle One of the runners I admire is Charlie Engle. Some may know of him from his run across the Sahara or his races with Racing The Planet. I often play the video Running the Sahara at…

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Meet Running Man Shane Early As seen on: Written by Elizabeth Kerr, October 2015   Ohio native and lifelong runner Shane Early gets his fill of small town living in Mui Wo, and hopes it will continue…

Lantau Trail Information

Trail Information

The Lin Fa Shan Loop Would you want to do a challenging 17 to 18 kilometre hike or run, starting and finishing in Mui Wo? Yes – then we recommend you do the Lin Fa Shan Loop. That is if you…